Guided by enigmatic signs, a scrap-collector steers his Tricycle and trailer to the opening of a mysterious labyrinth filled with secrets. A strange journey begins: the Tricycle becomes an accomplice; transforming itself at moments into a Wheel of Fortune, a Ferris Wheel, a Punch Clock, a Beautiful Woman and a Wild Beast.

Through a strange ritual of introspection, the Labyrinth guides the man through a life journey in which he relives his birth in a cardboard box, his first love, his life as a showman, and his escape from the entertainment industry. The man rediscovers himself as a sad jack-in-the box, a cannonball man... he confronts his mother in the form of a spider, gets caught in her web, and finally becomes a moth that flies away like a shadow. Free.


Tricyckle is a spectacle of metamorphosis and transformation using objects and puppetry. Visual theatre without words, the show was conceived to be performed in theatres and also unusual non-conventional spaces.

Tricyckle's intriguing musical score is composed solely of invented instruments created with found objects.


Interpretation: Jacob Brindamour

Staging and puppets: South Miller

Set design and props: Sylvain Longpré

Music: Christian Laflamme


A coproduction
Nordland Visual Theatre (Stamsund, Norway)

"This is a deeply personal, playful and utterly
charming insight into one man’s life traipsing
from one base to another. (...) Often surreal,
always playful and nothing short of endearing,
Tricyckle does exactly what it sets out to do."

Shane Morgan, Bristol 24/7
England, September 2017

"Loved the gentle, intelligent, hypnotic
Les Sages Fous Tricyckle...
it's on again tomorrow - see it if you can"

Phil Gibby
South west director of Arts Council England
Bristol Festival of Puppetry 2017

"Les Sages Fous deliver a life
trip in a bewitching hour."

Bergen, Norway, October 2017 



2 0 2 2
- PuppetWorks, Stradford, ON - August 4th to 6th,  2022
- Maison de la Culture de Trois-Rivières
   April 8th to10th, 2022
   School audiences from April 5th to 14th, 2022

2 0 2 1
- Festival International des Arts de la Marionnette du Saguenay (FIAMS) - July 2021

2 0 2 0
- Rencontre Théâtre Ados, Laval - April 2020  - CANCELLED
- La Fabrique de théâtre insolite, Trois-Rivières - April 2020 - CANCELLED
- FestiPhilo - June 14th, 2020 - CANCELLED

2 0 1 9
- La Fabrique de théâtre insolite, Trois-Rivières - December 2019

2 0 1 7
- Mômo Festival, Ancinnes, France - November 2017
- Figur i Fossekleiva, Berger, Norway - October 2017
- Pole Poppenspäler Tage, Husum, Germany - October 2017
- Festival Mondial des Théâtres de Marionnettes,
- Charleville-Mézières, France - September 2017
- Bristol Festival of Puppetry, Bristol, England - September 2017
- Mini Midi Maxi Festival, Bergen, Norway - June 2017
- Stamsund Internasjonal teaterfestival, Stamsund, Norway - June 2017


Tricyckle is dedicated to the men in our city of Trois-Rivières, who, with their old tricycles and handmade trailers are solitary treasure seekers, renegades, living beneath the radar.


- Watch a short video excerpt of Tricyckle
at Figur i Fossekleiva 2017 (Berger, Norway)


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