A hauntingly romantic duet of muscles, tendons and bone... Inspired by Japanese Butoh dance... a minimalistic spectacle achingly animated in an extremely rigorous solo choreography. an enigmatic meditation on life's beautiful impermanence. 

BODY CONCERT is a 50 minute solo show performed to a bittersweet electroacoustic score. Elevating our shared humanity while highlighting our vulnerability and resiliency, this dance/puppet hybrid expands genre boundaries without a text or language barriers. With heartbreaking hints of nature throughout, Body Concert poetically resonates:
we are alive with life all around us. 


BODY CONCERT was created through artistic residencies in Canada and Norway with the support of Les Sages Fous and Ella Fiskum Danz. It was presented in 2018 at St. Ann's Puppet Lab and received financial support from the Brooklyn Arts Council. The final creation stage took place in Trois-Rivières in November 2018.

A co-production with Canadian company Les Sages Fous.
Puppets/direction/performance: Kevin Augustine. Musical Composition: Mark Bruckner;
Lighting Design: Ayumu Poe Saegusa;
Masks & Mold Making: Gloria Sun;
Technical wizard & Set design: Ilya Vett.
Photos: Richard Termine / Vane Terran


" In the church of puppetry artistry,
Augustine is divine "
Time Out New York

“A haunting bit of strangeness…an experience you should see to truly understand”
Artswire weekly NYC



2 0 2 2 
Puppets in the Green Mountains (Putney, Vermont)
8-13th September

Casteliers festival international de la marionnette
(Montreal, Qc) 4th-5th March

2 0 2 1
LaMama Puppet series
La Mama experimental theater (New York City)
7th-10th October

LaMama Moves
La Mama experimental theater (New York City)
May 17th

2 0 1 9
- La Fabrique de théâtre insolite (Trois-Rivières, Quebec) – September 27th- 28th

2 0 1 8
- La Fabrique de théâtre insolite (Trois-Rivières, Quebec, Canada) –
November 1-7th 2018
Performances preceded by a a four week residency at La Fabrique de théâtre insolite

- St. Ann's Warehouse (Brooklyn, NY ) - July 2018

2 0 1 7
La Fabrique de théâtre insolite (Trois-Rivieres, Quebec, Canada)
Two week residency in July

2 0 1 6
- Micro-festival of Unfinished Puppetry (Trois-Rivières, Quebec)
10th-12th June
Preceded by a four day residency


“Resonates unsettingly, both tender and disturbing”
New York Times

“Redefines the limits of puppetry. Opens doors where we could only see a wall”
Le Nouvelliste, Trois-Rivières, Canada 


A show without words, which brings us to the border of reality,
between dance and puppetry, between life and death. 

BODY CONCERT: Teaser 2021 | Lone Wolf Tribe, NYC Performance CompanyFilmed by Macam productions in Trois-Rivières, September 2019

Vers l'indéfini et au-delà
Francois Houde, Le Nouvelliste, December 2018

Le Téléjournal
Radio-Canada, December 2018


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