The Fabrique de théâtre insolite (The Unusual Theatre Factory) is an 18th century Anglican chapel and monastery in the historic district of Trois-Rivières on the
St Lawrence River. This amazing site, imagined and curated by the internationally renowned company Les Sages Fous is in the process of being converted into an international artistic residency dedicated to the creation of puppetry and object theatre.

This inspiring space, scheduled to open in 2023, will specialize in the creation of new theatrical works of contemporary puppetry that are marginal, peripheral, hybrid and unconventional. By hosting artists from here and abroad in creative residency, the Fabrique de théâtre insolite will give the entire population access to varied, avant-garde and international-calibre shows.  


La Fabrique de Théâtre Insolite is the result of an organic journey that Les Sages Fous have been travelling on since the beginnings of the company: to establish in Trois-Rivières a welcoming oasis for visual theater creators from all over the world, to involve our heterogeneous public in the creation process, to invest unconventional places with their shows and those that they invite t their city.



In 2007, Les Sages Fous set up their workshop in the parish hall adjacent to the Saint-James church. This inspiring creative space, located in Old Trois-Rivières, has placed Les Sages Fous in the heart of their adopted city. Over the years, it has become the headquarters for the company's events.

In 2016, Les Sages Fous presented a project to occupy this exceptional heritage building (to which their workshop is attached) to Culture Trois-Rivières and the City of Trois-Rivières. The city was enthusiastic about the project and, in 2017, meetings were organized to implement the Fabrique de théâtre insolite. 



The company was granted access to the entire space in 2018, and has since been using it as a giant maquette for the future project.

From 2018-2021, despite the current minimal technical facilities, and before the renovations have begun, Les Sages Fous have succeeded in creating a buzz for the Fabrique de théâtre insolite, with an ambitious prefiguration project.


 Les Sages Fous have invested the chapel to present exciting international artistes from Quebec, France, Finland, Senegal, and the United States. They have developed strong ties with schools and community institutions who have come to see shows or do workshops in the space. Eleven different puppetry compagnies have come to Trois-Rivières to have residencies in the soon-to-be-renovated spaces. The pre-figuration project has been an opportunity to validate the main orientations of the project and to perfect ideas! It has also created a sense of belonging on the part of the citizens of Trois-Rivières and the surrounding area, as well. as the puppetry community. 

This cultural infrastructure project is made possible through the financial support of Ministère de la Culture et des Communications du Québec,
Canadian Heritage, Ville de Trois-Rivières and Culture Trois-Rivières.

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