L E S   S A G E S   F O U S 

Les Sages Fous propose a theatre of paradoxes:
grotesque and poetic,
ritual and mundane, domestic and marvelous.

The company recreates a lost world where the mask,
the puppet, the object, and the human coexist.
A theatre where images and gestures speak
more strongly than words.

A theatre that is as surprising and disturbing
as it is wild and undisciplined.

*      *      *


For the past 20 years, the Sages Fous have been criss-crossing Europe from Portugal to Finland, from Norway to Romania. The company has presented its shows in the great contemporary puppet and street theater festivals of the continent, held in the major cities, provincial towns, and in most remote villages.

Les Sages Fous have performed in castles in Germany, barns in Normandy, villages lost in the mountains of Sardinia, mysterious gardens in Croatia, abandoned factories in Holland, in theatres half destroyed by war in Serbia, and above the arctic circle in the Lofoten Islands.

Les Sages Fous discovered something inspiring in Europe: the decentralization of theater festivals. Networks that encourage the presentation of shows that reach people where they live, bringing the artistic experience to all the populations of a region, not only to those in the big cities.

Inspired by the theatre festivals, the audiences, and the artists they have met on their travels, Les Sages Fous returned to Trois-Rivières and created two theatre events dedicated to the creative process in puppetry: The Microfestival of Unfinished Puppetry and the Season of Unusual Theatre. These two events, alternating each year, have welcomed puppeteers from all over the world presenting exciting works-in-progress and finished works to the audience in Trois-Rivières.

Les Sages Fous have been creating, since 2018, the ambitious project of the Fabrique de Théâtre Insolite (the Factory of Unusual Theatre). This new institution, lodged in an 18th century chapel and monastery on the St Laurence River will be dedicated to new works in contemporary puppetry and offer residencies year-round. La Fabrique de théâtre insolite is scheduled to open officially in the fall of 2023.

After having spent the past 20 years living half the year out of a suitcase, Les Sages Fous will finally take root year-round, with a local and sustainable presence in their city and region. They will be able to share with local audiences all the contacts, networks and knowledge acquired over two decades of international presence. 




A mysterious duet
between a man
and his bike


Expédition Québec

Une incursion surréaliste et poétique dans l'histoire
d'une civilisation disparue.
(in french only)




A show between dance and puppetry, between life and death. 



...in construction

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