Gabrielle Houle

Gabrielle participated in the creation of the Bizzarium by incarnating the role of Freda (the sailor) at our Microfestival of puppetry in progress in February 2006, the Casteliers festival in Montreal, and for the first nine festivals of of our 2006 European tour (Romania, Poland, Belgium, Netherlands, France).

Before getting her sea legs and becoming an accomplished scuba diver, Gabrielle studied mask theater with Antonio Fava in Italy, and took workshops at the Odin Teatret in Denmark and at the Dell’Arte school in California. She also studied with the Italian mask maker Donato Sartori and at the school of Commedia Dell'Arte VeneziaINscena, in Venice.

Gabrielle has a masters in Commedia Dell’Arte from Laval University (Quebec) and she is presently working on her doctorate in Commedia Dell’Arte at the University of Toronto.