Jacob Brindamour
actor-puppeteer, puppet movement training, co-author

Jacob grew up in a theatre family where puppets adorned the walls. By co-founding Les Sages Fous, Jacob became, despite himself, a fourth generation actor. Aside from this fallback, his company allows him to follow his wildest dreams and to sail the seven seas.

Jacob was formed in mask theater and puppetry by Paul-André Sagel (Centre national des arts du cirque, France), Carina Bonan (Espace Catastrophe, Brussels), Eric Bass (Sandglass Theater, Vermont), Nina Dimitrova (Credo Theatre, Bulgaria), Claire Dancoisne (Théâtre de la Licorne, Lille), Nicole Mossoux (Mossoux-Bonté, Brussels).

Jacob focuses on puppet movement and exploration. He is a puppet tamer. Our puppets are not complete until they have passed through his hands, he has discovers thier limits, has found all  the weak spots and broken them many times.

Jacob has participated as creator and performer in all the shows of the company and has toured all over the world with Les Sages Fous productions.