Sylvain Longpré
Mechanisms, scenography, lighting,  co-author

Creative collaborator with Les Sages Fous since 2001, Sylvain has a diploma in Architecture (Cégep St-Laurent, 1996). Before working with Les Sages Fous, Sylvain co-founded the Filentroupe company, which won the prize for the best creation at the national competition of  “Cégeps en spectacles”. He built the puppets for the Theatre La Dame de Coeur and the Theatre of the Théâtre de l’Arbre Muse between 1997 and 2000.

With Les Sages Fous, Sylvain builds sets and puppet structures and is involved in all levels of creation of the company's shows. Sylvain is also a poignant performer who does not want to tour.  He has developed roles in Parade Issimo, Bizzarium and The Orphan Circus and performed with each show before they took to the road.

Sylvain and South have received several awards for their co-set design: Jury Prize at the 39th International Puppet Theatre Festival in Zagreb, Croatia, for the scenography Bizzarium: Aquarium (2006);  and the Prize for the best scenography and puppets for The Orphan Circus at Spotkania festival in Torun, Poland (2011).