The Orphan Circus has just returned home from a whirlwind Nordic tour! The small carnival caravan of Mr. Issimo toured Denmark from top to bottom,  and then braved the Baltic Sea en route to the Bravo! Festival in Finland.

Aarhus, Denmark

On the ferry
Helsinki, Finlande

Throughout the months of February and March 2014, the mysterious circus of Les Sages Fous gave 19 performances in 11 cities across Denmark (Aarhus, Nykøbing Mors, Herning, Ballerup, Lyngby, Haderslev, Odense, Ishøj, Næstved, Holstebro, Helsingør), and 5 performances in Helsinki, Vantas and Kaunialnen, Finland.
The little circus of misfits and its Court of Miracles set up its scrap yard of lost objects in the most extraordinary places: at the theatre Gruppe 38 in Aarhus, in the old military barracks of Næstved, in an ancient mill in Haderslev, in the renowned alternative theater Mungo Park, at the Momentum Theatre on the beautiful island of Hans Christian Andersen, and in the mythical Odin Teatret of Eugenio Barba.

Under the leadership of its fictitious boss, the valiant team of traveling players lived the most amazing adventures. Between sold-out performances, waiting lists, and resounding applause we had time to be "hyggelig" with longtime Danish friends, walk through the night on the windy isle of Nykøbing, skip through the anarchist city of Christiania in Copenhagen, and witness our two and a half year old mini-technician start to master his craft! Jacob and Olivia crossed the Baltic Sea on a cargo ship, and ate dried reindeer in Finland. Jacob experienced every public sauna in Helsinki, including one in a housing project filled with bikers drinking beer, and another in the bottom of a ship on high sea!

Helsinki, Finland

Odense, Denmark

Trailer's routine inspection
Brokeloh, Germany

The company's fabulous adventures are not over: The Orphan Circus will be touring Quebec in the fall 2014 and Lithuania in the spring 2015. In addition, every theatre of this incredible Nordic tour has manifested interest in inviting the company's next production.

A huge "mange tak!" to all the theaters that have so generously welcomed us, and to Marianne of Momentum Theater for this wonderful experience!

A big “Thank you!” to our Danish and Belgian friends, who helped us throughout the tour: Tina, Gertrude, Anders, Hans and Alfred, Niels and Olivia, Annette and Brian, Brice, Isabelle and Jean, Anne-Françoise.

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