The Orphan Circus has just recently returned home from a whirlwind tour. The small carnival caravan of Mr. Issimo toured Europe from top to bottom.  From the end of August to the end of November, the new show of  Les Sages Fous gave 30 performances in 15 cities, covering 10 countries:  Croatia, Germany, France, Switzerland, Slovenia, Sardinia, Poland, Sweden, Finland, and the Netherlands.
The little circus of misfits trekked its Court of Miracles, inhabited by puppets-born-strange, into each city. It set up its scrap yard of lost objects in the most extraordinary places: a German castle surrounded by cold mists of the North Sea, an abandoned gas factory in Sweden, a wooden Elizabethan theater on the banks of a lake in Switzerland, the inner courtyard of a ducal palace in Sardinia under the stars, and in a granary converted into a theater in Finland.


Under the leadership of its fictitious boss, the valiant team of traveling players  lived the most rampant adventures. From France, where they had to calm  spectators at the door who were fighting tooth and nail for the last tickets; to Germany, where they slept in the magical workshop of a small puppet theater; to Sardinia, where they were fed for a week by gypsies; to the Baltic Sea, that they crossed on a cargo ferry.  Their culinary adventures included being introduced to the mysteries of Swiss fondue, eating dried reindeer in Finland, and tasting regional specialties (such as sausages of jellied clotted blood) without flinching. 
The show has received resounding applause from each audience it met. The Orphan Circus's adventures are not over:  in 2013 the show will be performing in Europe again, and also in New York City and Calgary. The show regularly receives on-the-spot invitations when it performs:  Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Denmark, and Siberia (!) are but a few of the countries on tap in the next few years.


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