A loner and his trike embark on a mysterious voyage;
peddling through dark alleys, at the crossroads between the worlds.

A quest for freedom:

A renegade “carny” from the Fairground rides a tricycle and pulls a trailer full of objects that seem most insignificant; boxes and scraps of things rusted and broken. However, hidden within is a deep mystery of buried memories and fragmented dreams. His Tricycle becomes his accomplice; transforming itself at moments into a Wheel of Fortune, a Ferris Wheel, a Punch Clock, a Beautiful Woman and a Beast. His Trailer and the boxes within it reveal secrets; changing into cityscapes, back alleys, cargo ships and fairgrounds.

Through a strange and mysterious ritual of introspection, the Tricycle guides the man who relives his birth in a cardboard box, his first love, his life as a showman and his escape from the entertainment industry. His boxes mirror him as a sad jack in the box, a cannonball man... he confronts his mother in the form of a spider, and gets caught in her web, and finally becomes a moth that flies away like a shadow. Free.


This solo show continues the reflection of the company, started with the Orphan Circus, on the underbelly of the entertainment industry.

Our company is inspired, among others, by men who roam the city of Trois-Rivières on their old tricycles, looking for all kinds of materials they carry on their makeshift trailers. We are also inspired by people who make folk art; those who are not professional artists, with all the baggage and allegiance to the institutions involved. With Tricycle we hope to break down barriers between high culture and popular art.

Puppeteer: Jacob Brindamour  -  Direction and puppets: South Miller
Scenography: Sylvain Longpré   -  Music: Christian Laflamme


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