Eco-responsibility has been at the heart of our artistic practices since our founding. Experts in reuse, repair and repurposing, our team is proud to create a lasting impact on our audience and our community.



Eco-responsibility in creation

- Pace of creation through experimentation over long periods, encouraging the reuse of materials and equipment (our creations are presented for an average of ten years)

- Touring truck the size of an Econoline

- Reuse of models in whole or in part, sets designed to be easily repaired on tour

- A materials library brimming with basic materials that have been constantly reused over the past 20 years

- A marked interest in technological sobriety, which leads us to use low-tech technical equipment that is easy to access, more durable and easier to maintain.


Ecoresponsibility at the heart of the Fabrique de théâtre insolite

- Enhancing the value of a heritage building of great value to the Trois-Rivières community

- Partnerships and local purchases (local cabinetmakers, microbrewery products, coffee, bakery)

- Artists' residence with all the amenities to promote eco-responsibility (fully equipped kitchen, laundry facilities, bicycles, attractions within walking distance)


- Reuse of building materials (the chapel's 300-year-old wooden planks were turned into furniture by local cabinetmakers for the Salon de l'étrange).

- The use of water bottles, plastic utensils and other polluting consumables is prohibited (reusable crockery offered).

- Our events are on a human scale, and the overabundance of disposable goods does not fit in with our warm, intimate vision of the theatrical experience.

- Personalized support for our sustainable development policy and action plan from the Fondation Trois-Rivières durable

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