"The Nest" is a cosy artists' apartment for 3 to 6 people on the second floor of the presbytery, with its own entrance.


It has three bedrooms
and beautiful shared spaces:

- A fully equipped kitchen overlooking Ursulines street
- A large dining room
- A magnificent large living room overlooking the river

- Three bedrooms and a living room
- Rooms designed for single or double occupancy

La Fabrique de Théâtre Insolite is equipped with a bed for 0-4 year olds and high chairs for artist-parents.

Small room

Bedroom 1: Single bed with bunk bed. It has everything... but it's small! View of the Ursulines street.

Medium room

Bedroom 2: a double bed with a single bunk bed.

Room with a private bathroom

Bedroom 3: double bed with single bunk bed, private toilet with shower.

Guest room

The Fabrique de théâtre insolite also has a "guest room". This is not part of the apartment. This room is perfect for a single artist or couple, not coming to work with a crew. It has a double bed, a work area with a nice big table and a small sitting area. Artists staying in this room will have access to the bathroom with shower and kitchen in the Sages Fous section. It is reserved, for the most part, for artists who come to work on Les Sages Fous projects.

This cultural infrastructure project is made possible
thanks to the financial support
the Ministère de la Culture et des Communications du Québec,
Canadian Heritage, the City of Trois-Rivières and Culture Trois-Rivières.

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